02/19: Art Up de Lille with Galerie Detais, Lille (France)
04/19: Solo show with the WTC Art Gallery , Amsterdam (Netherlands)
05/19: Solo Show with The Delphian Gallery, London (UK)
05/19: Galerieantage with the Sebastian Fath Contemporary,Mannheim (Germany)
05/19: Solo Show with the Sebastian Fath Contemporary,Mannheim (Germany)
06/19: Solo show with Tick Tack, Antwerp (Belgium)


02/18: Group show “Art Cabinet’’ Arscoco, Madrid (Spain)
03&04/18 : Hide & Seek Arscoco, Madrid (Spain)
04/18: Group show “Celeste’’ Galerie Sophie Le Filleul, Paris (France)
06/18: Duo Show The Dot Project Gallery, London (UK)
06/18: Group show, Sebastian Fath Contemporary, Mannheim (Germany)
07/18: Solo Show Zweisieben Gallery, Karlsruhe (Germany)
09/18: christie’s & Paddle 8 auction sale, Deurle (Belgium)
09/18: Art The Hague with the WTC Art Gallery , The Hague (Netherlands)
10/18: « Cosmik Debris » with the VSOP projects, Greenport (USA)
11/18: « The white show » group show with the Sebastian Fath Contemporary,Mannheim (Germany)
12/18: « The art plug power house » with The art plug, Miami (USA)
12/18: Duo show at the WTC Art Gallery , The Hague (Netherlands)


06/17: Solo show “Rue Agora’’ Champceuil (France)
08/17: GIFC Vancouver (Canada)
09/17: GIFC Copenhagen (Denmark)
12/17: Group show “Art Cabinet’’ Arscoco, Madrid (Spain)